According to our friends over at TheVerge, Windows 8 may be making an appearance in an upcoming laptop that will be powered by a quad-core Qualcomm S4 processor. They also say that in 2009, Qualcomm promised that an ARM-based laptop called a “Smartbook” would change the industry and today, PCWorld (via TheVerge) has made mention that Qualcomm is now promising ARM-based laptops once again.

They also state that Qualcomm’s Senior VP, Rob Chandok mentioned that Qualcomm would be producing a special quad-core version of its 28nm Snapdragon S3 just for Windows 8 laptops which will not only be thinner than Apple’s MacBook Air but also lighter than an Intel Ultrabook. In the article by TheVerge, they mention that they spoke to Qualcomm, Nvidia and Microsoft at the BUILD conference for Windows 8 in 2011 and while all three parties had dropped hints about ARM-based laptops, none of them wanted to substantiate anything.

While we do have a glimmer of what might be happening now, we are still in the clouds as to when the laptop will be released or even announced but what we can be certain off is the powerful quad-core S4 chip will prove to be something worth looking at when it does land in the future eventhough they have mentioned in the past that tablets were killing the Smartbook, the company is obviously willing to give it a go.

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