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The social networking application that will apparently help couples who are part of a long distance relationship to stay close to one another, Pair has now been launched for devices running on the Android OS. As we previously reported, when Pair was launched for iOS, the application basically creates a private shared timeline for couples which allow them to swap messages, photos, videos and locations with each other. The new Android application will allow couples with both, an iPhone as well as an Android device respectively to conquer the previous cross-platform wall that initially came with the launching of the application in March for Apple devices.

According to reports, the Android applications is absolutely identical to its iOS counterpart and even includes the feature called “thumb kiss” which causes the phone to vibrate when both the people involved, touch the same spot on their respective screens. Besides that, Pair will allow couples to create drawings together, set up a joint to-do list and they can also send messages like ‘thinking of you’ which works the same way as a ‘poke’ on Facebook does, except with a lot more emotion involved. Although there have been people who have apparently referred to the application as the “perfect sexting” application, Oleg Kostour who is the co-founder of Pair says that the activity which is most commonly run by couples is actually doodling. If you want to download the application from Android’s Google Play Store, simply click here.

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