Apparently due to our reliance on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, some people have developed social anxiety which inhibits how they interact with people in real life situations. This is apparently the plight that Hong Kong-based artist, Eric Siu, is hoping to fix by creating a wearable camera dubbed Touchy. 

The camera is worn on the head and features two shutters where your eyes would normally be. The shutters will remain closed, essentially blinding the wearer, until someone touches the wear. When the sensors detect human contact, the shutters will open until the connection has been broken. Maintaining contact for at least 10 seconds will trigger the camera’s shutter and snapping a photo of whatever the wearer is looking at. It looks like a pretty good idea which would encourage people to go out and interact more.

Taken from an interview The Creators Project had with Eric Siu, he was quoted as saying, “The Touchy helmet intends to exaggerate the anxiety and remind one of their isolation to the world, so every single touch becomes extra meaningful.” So, what do you guys think? Clever and somewhat profound, isn’t it? The full interview can be found at The Creators Project, or check out the short film above to get a better idea of the project.

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