When it comes to external hard drives, at the moment both Macs and PCs have the option of connecting via USB 2.0. PCs also have the advantage of using the USB 3.0 standard which allows for faster transfers, while Macs have Thunderbolt which will also offer faster transfers of data. However if you’re someone that uses both PCs and Macs at home, you might end up having to juggle multiple hard drives with different connectivity options, unless of course you’re fine with USB 2.0 speeds. Well the good news is that at Computex this week, hard drive manufacturer Buffalo has taken the wraps off the HD-PATU3 HDD that features both USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt connectivity. This will allow both PC and Mac users to transfer data onto the hard drive at faster speeds regardless of their platform of choice. It will come in both 500GB and 1TB sizes but unfortunately Buffalo deigned to mention how much it will cost. Given that Thunderbolt external HDDs tend to lean towards the more expensive side, we wouldn’t be surprised if Buffalo’s HD-PATU3 came with a premium price tag.


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