If you grew up playing the Metal Gear series, you’ve probably played them all. If you’re looking for additional content, or if you’re simply hoping that the game will go on for as long as it can, you’re in luck as the game has been given an additional sequel, making this the fifth entry in the Metal Gear series. This was confirmed by none other than its creator, Hideo Kojima during an interview with IG Magazine where he stated that the game will be running on the Fox Engine, which is an in-house engine created by Kojima Productions. Assuming this is the case and given what we’ve seen in the Fox Engine demo renderings, we could be in for a very realistic and very beautiful game.

Kojima also stated that MGS5 will contain more infiltration scenarios and possible conversation trees which will help further the narrative in the game. Unfortunately apart from that, he declined to say more as “the ninja PR woman behind the door will chop me into pieces.” Release date and platform availability also remain a complete mystery at this point, so MGS fans will just have to take comfort in knowing that a fifth installment has been planned. We expect additional details to be reveal down the road, so be sure to check back with us often for updates.

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