If you love killing zombies in your dreams and have a penchant for watching zombie-filled films such as The Walking Dead and Resident Evil, then you’ll be glad to know that Madfinger Games, the gaming company behind Shadowgun and Samurai Vengeance 2, has just announced its latest masterpiece – Dead Trigger. Dead Trigger is an action-packed first person shooter game that takes the gamer to a world plagued with an infection that has turned humans into zombies. So, the script is pretty predictable, but gamers will definitely get the chance to feed those bloodthirsty zombie hordes with bullets right straight to their mouths.

The Czech gaming company said that the game is enhanced with ragdoll physics, volumetric fog, normal maps, spectacular lighting and realistic water effects- all aimed to further enhance the gaming experience. Other features that we can expect are full 3D characters and environments, stunning graphics, high quality 3D audio, intuitive controls and character animations recorded using high-end motion capture. Madfinger said that Dead Trigger will be released on both Android and iOS platforms before the month of June will end. The game is will also be featured on Google Play, the App Store, and on the NVIDIA TegraZone app. Price has yet to be announced as well.

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