If you’re building a new PC and you don’t want to worry about its internal components being damaged, you might want to check out Fractal Design’s Define XL case. The folks behind the case recently posted up a video showing off the quality of their product – by putting it through a shotgun test. Using a 12-guage shotgun, they fired repeatedly into the case and filmed the whole experiment. Even after 10 shots – only a single pellet managed to make it through. Talk about heavy duty!

Most people go through their lives without being shot at (at least I hope so), so what are the odds of anybody requiring a bulletproof vest let alone a bulletproof computer case? But if solid is what you’re looking for, be sure to check out Fractal Design’s Define XL Case. Fractal Design is also running a End Mod contest where users can win a free Define XL case and watch their old computer case get destroyed. Check out the video above.

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