Remember how Tony Stark blew up the element that his late father, Howard Stark kept “hidden” in the diorama? That was pretty cool, sitting inside a newly discovered element that has far more potential than the palladium core which powered his Iron Man suit while keeping him alive, at the expense of his body’s toxicity levels. Well, you might be able to somewhat experience a similar sense of wonder with this 3D Pacman of sorts. You basically play in a square room, where all four walls of a room as well as its ceiling were covered in white cloth courtesy of Keita Takahashi (creator of Katamari Damacy, just in case you were wondering who that is). You sit in the center and start to chomp on pellets, avoiding ghosts when you need to, and chewing them down after snacking on the Power Pill. It does seem to be a disorienting experience, and to sit so close to such a large scale level can end up to be pretty disorienting for some, especially when the action is transferred to the ceiling. Somebody grab an air sickness bag, and quick!

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