Pedal power – now this is definitely one of the greenest ways to get around the neighborhood, where you not only save money as you do not burn precious fossil fuel, you also get to enjoy a decent workout in the process. With the BikeCharge Dynamo installed onto your bicycle, this mounted DC generator is said to be compatible with majority of the smartphone brands out there, and a full charge would more or less require approximately 2 to 3 hours of pedaling. Boasting a weatherproof, all-in-one design which was deemed to be 20% lighter compared to similar systems, the BikeCharge Dynamo will come with a quick-release clutch, ensuring riders are unable to experience any resistance whenever the device is not in use so that you need not expend energy unnecessarily.

It must be noted that while the BikeCharge Dynamo is weatherproof, your smartphone isn’t, so if it starts to rain heavily, you would do well to look out for the relevant signs in the sky beforehand, removing your smartphone and placing it in a waterproof compartment before you continue your journey lest you end up with a fully juiced, albeit thoroughly wet device.

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