If you’re not a photographer, then the term “shooting from the hip” might not be one familiar to you. Just in case you were wondering, that term basically refers to how street photographers sometimes hold their cameras at waist level while pointing upwards, allowing them to snap candid photos of passerbys without them realizing. Of course since the photographer can’t see what they’re shooting, results may vary. That being said, if you’re a budding photographer and street photography is something you’ve always wanted to try, then Roberu’s gun holster camera case might be an accessory worth checking out.

As you can see in the photo above, this holster is strapped around your waist with the camera to the side. Photographers can then reach to their side and whip out their camera for those candid moments instead of having it in a backpack or around their neck. It won’t necessarily make you a better photographer but it sure looks pretty convenient! Available in black, dark brown or camel-colored, this holster will play nice with mirrorless camera systems, such as the Sony NEX, Nikon V and Olympus PEN. Unfortunately it will not come cheap and will set you back $242.

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