While tablets are generally looked upon as entertainment devices to watch movies on, listen to music, surf the web, read books and etc., there are some people out there who use tablets as a means to work which also means that the sort of tablets they require might not be as powerful, but they make up for it by being rather rugged.

If you’re in the market for such a device, you might be interested to learn that Getac has announced its latest tablet which goes by the model, Z710, which the company is boasting to be the “world’s most compact and robust Android tablet”. Featuring a rubberized shell casing that encompasses the whole body of the tablet, the Getac Z710 sports a Gorilla Glass display which should help protect it from scratches.

It also features the company’s LumiBond technology which allows users wearing gloves to still interact with the capacitive display, and it seems that attention has also been paid to reduce the glare on the screen caused by direct sunlight. Featuring IP65 certification, the rest of the Z710’s specs include Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G connectivity, a 5MP camera and will run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

For those interested, the Getac Z710 is expected to be released in Europe in the near future and will be priced at £709.

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