Intel’s took the cloak off its newest dual-core Atom processor today, known previously  as “Clover Trail,” and it gives us an idea of the processor that’s going to be powering some of the first wave of Windows 8 tablets. The official product number is the Atom Z2760, and it’s a dual-core processor running at 1.8GHz with Imagination graphics on the chip. Notably, as opposed to Windows 8 tablets based on ARM’s chips, Clover Trail will be able to run a full version of Windows 8, as opposed to Windows RT. Intel expects tables built around Clover Trail to be as thin as 8.5mm and as light as 1.5 pounds, which brings their expectations solidly in line with the current Windows 8 tablets we’ve seen. The battery life should also be more similar to tablets than laptops: three weeks on standby and 10 hours of active use. Depending on the pricing of Clover Trail-based tablets, they should be very exciting devices.

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