The Asus ROG (Republic of Gamers) GX1000 Laser gaming mouse is definitely a gaming peripheral not to be trifled with – after all, apart from having a sensitive keyboard that allows your fingers to dance all over the keys without missing a beat, and not having the keys jam up during those tense moments in a game, an equally well performing gaming mouse is a must have for serious gamers. Asus’s ROG GX1000 Laser gaming mouse might be the mouse that you are looking for, where it boasts of high precision sensors capable of up to 8200dpi alongside PTFE feet for effortless sliding across your gaming surface of choice.

Sporting an ergonomic design, it delivers optimal hand comfort so that fatigue is eliminated as much as possible, all the while ensuring that accuracy does not decrease despite spending hours already in front of your gaming rig. There is a quick-access customizable dpi switching capability as well as half a dozen programmable macros which you can set yourself, catering for games of all genres. To make sure that folks know you are using something from the ROG family as your digital killing machine of choice, a trademark ROG logo is proudly emblazoned on the mouse. Adjustable weights (150g to 175g based on five 5g weight configuration) helps make it an even more personal gaming experience. [Press Release]

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