The pinch-and-zoom interface is something that we are all extremely familiar with, especially when touchscreen devices are all the rage these days. Well, here we are with the Pinch interface that will hook up displays from multiple touch-based devices together, and it is currently being worked on by a research group at the Tokyo University of Technology. Watching the video above will show you how it works, but if your connection is too slow, then perhaps a verbal explanation will suffice.

Basically, whenever you place your thumb and index finger on two adjacent screens and pinch them, the screens will link up automatically without any fuss. You can line them up freely, regardless of whether it is vertical or horizontal, and should the pictures be misaligned, they will even match up, now how about that? All the connected devices will know of each other’s positions over WiFi, so you can imagine the kind of visual effect one gets when connecting iPhones and iPads together. What would you do if you had access to the Pinch interface?

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