It goes without saying that the smartphone which you hold in your hand has far more computing power compared to the 80486 desktop that you used nearly a couple of decades ago. Having said that, don’t you think that it is more than capable of running all of the old school games on the DOS-based platform? Don’t you think that it would be more than just cool to play titles like Day of the Tentacle or the Superhero League of Hoboken on your smartphone? Yeah, that is what we thought as well, and here we are with the Winulator tool that is being developed at the moment, where it ushers in the possibility of running some Windows 95 or Windows 98 games on an Android-powered device.

Winulator is not available to the public at the moment, but the developer has already put up a demonstration video as you can see above, and not all of the older games are supported for obvious reasons considering how it still remains under development. A desktop utility will help convert machine code to run on an ARM-based processor instead of an x86 chip, prior to you running a Windows app on Android. There are plans to roll out paid and free versions of Winulator on Google Play.

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