They say that a pair of jeans is an indispensable part of any wardrobe, never mind if you are male or female. I personally love my pair of jeans, even more so when they’re black because it gets really difficult to tell whether it is dirty or not, apart from the smell, of course. Well, one thing that jeans have against them is this – their pockets are not too conducive to stash away your modern day smartphone that has an ever growing screen size, not to mention with phablets coming into the scene. WTFJeans intends to change that by introducing the V2 model, which comes two years after the launch of the V1.

The new WTFJeans V2 will sport a straight fit design, and is said to be better than its predecessor in technical and anatomical terms. The specially designed smartphone pockets with micro-fiber lining were retained, protecting your smartphone while cleaning the display simultaneously thanks to its “Easy in – Easy out” system. The V2 is made of 10.5 oz, 100% cotton denim from Italy, and only 2,000 pairs will be cranked out.

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