Canon 5D MK II

The Canon EOS 5D Mark II is a pretty popular camera known for not just being a full frame camera, but also the first DSLR camera that offered up Full HD 1080p video shooting capabilities. This made the camera extremely viable for videographers who didn’t want to lug around too much equipment, that and the fact that it proved to be capable of shooting an entire episode of House. In any case if you were thinking of getting the 5D Mark II because it is cheaper than its successor, the 5D Mark III, you best move quick because according to Canon Rumors, Canon Japan has listed the 5D Mark II as an “old product”, and that the US store no longer lists the body of the 5D Mark II as available, indicating that the camera has been discontinued. Of course it is possible to still get your hands on it from other sources, such as camera retailers who might have several units in stock, or even on eBay where you might be able to find second hand models, but you best be quick about it since retailers won’t be restocking it once they run out!

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