Square Enix has been quick off the blocks to share with the world their plans for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, which is due for an upcoming beta test. This beta test is said to be divided into four different phases, where it will be available at first only for the PC version of the game. Expect the beta test to begin sometime in the middle of February, with the PlayStation 3 beta test to follow a wee bit later on. The first phase is a closed beta with an NDA in place, and will take anywhere from a fortnight to a month, followed by half a month of debugging, where it will continue with the subsequent phases.

Phase 3 is when the PlayStation 3 beta test begins, and if we were to count the possible weeks required, it would have been nearly 3 months thereabouts after mid-February 2013, so we are looking at a May or June testing phase for the PS3. You can read the entire beta test phases here. (Warning: PDF link)

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