When it comes to a story that has a list, that simply resonates with the readers for some strange reason or another. I guess folks are always drawn to a “Top 10” compilation, as everyone has an opinion. Well, some of the lists do have unwilling participants, and I am not quite sure what to make of a list where the most pirated shows in 2012 are listed. Game of Thrones is right up there at the top of TorrentFreak’s list, where this information was compiled after taking into consideration public BitTorrent file trackers and other unnamed sources, where Game of Thrones hit 4.28 million downloads for a single episode. Far behind in second position would be Dexter, having being dethroned (how ironic) with 2.75 million downloads.

Folks have their fair share of theories as to why Game of Thrones topped the list, apart from the fact that it is an above average TV drama that does deserve a viewing over and over. For instance, in other countries, episodes are aired days, and in some places, weeks after they are first shown in the US, and with the world being filled with impatience, where else do desperate Game of Thrones fans turn to other than the Internet?

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