By now, you’ve probably seen Samsung’s Galaxy S3 commercials showing how simple it is to share a video from on device to another device simply by touching back of each device together. One commercial released a few weeks ago shows a father on his way to the airport for a trip, which his daughters are excited to share a video with them. The mother shares their video to his Galaxy S3, and then proceeds to share a video of her own with him that he may not want to watch publicly.

A new Samsung commercial follows the same formula as that commercial, but instead, adds a little holiday spirit. Santa is about to leave for his trip around the world, when his elves inform him they made a video for him to watch during his trip. Mrs. Claus shares the video with Santa, to which she decides to share her own video with him, which she recommends he doesn’t watch on the sleigh.

The commercial does another great job at being appropriate for all ages with kids thinking it’s something innocent, while adults know exactly what she meant.

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