Christmas will be here in just seven days, which means many children under the age of 18 will be opening their presents and will probably find themselves with an M-rated game like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Besides being a complete pain in the ear when playing popular multiplayer games like Black Ops 2, many new players will also be easy pray for those of us who have been playing the game for a month. Treyarch, Black Ops 2’s developer, knows this and has made a plea with the community in regards to these “Christmas Noobs.”

In Call of Duty: Black Ops 2‘s Message of the Day, Treyarch took a moment from updating its fans on what updates its rolled out for the game to talk about Christmas Noobs.

“Let’s talk Christmas Noobs. It’s that time of the year again where thousands of new players join the online ranks for the first time. We’d ask you to go easy on the Christmas Noobs, but we know you won’t.”

Treyarch also sends a message straight to Christmas Noobs:

“If you are a Christmas Noob yourself, don’t be bullied. In the Combat Training category you’ll find a great playlist called Boot Camp. This is the best place for a player to get up to speed on the game and all it has to offer.”

Any game with a popular online multiplayer mode will certainly receive a flood wave of noobs in them, but if you’re like me, you take advantage of weak players on a daily basis and can’t wait to play against these new players.

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