While many gamers are out there enjoying Valve’s DotA 2 and the orginal DotA, we’re sure many gamers are wondering what on earth is going on with Blizzard’s own take of the game? In case you forgot, Blizzard’s version of DotA, dubbed Blizzard All-Stars, was unveiled at BlizzCon in 2010 with the promise of the gaming “coming soonish”, but given that it’s already 2013, it’s safe to say that the patience of many gamers have been tried. Now the good news is that according to Blizzard, the developer has not forgotten about the game and are “actively working on it”.


According to Starcraft II’s production director, Chris Sigaty, “We’re actively working on it […] That I can confirm. A lot of the stuff that’s remaining right now that we need to focus on are the systems necessary to pull off a game with a different business model than StarCraft II.” Unsurprisingly apart from that information tidbit, Sigaty deigned to reveal more but if the rumors are to be believed, Blizzard could be re-revealing the game at BlizzCon later this year.

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