[CES 2013] When you think how far tablets have come since the original iPad, we’re sure you’re impressed as years pass, they seem to be getting thinner while providing a better experience through improved screen resolutions among other things. But tablets becoming as thin and bendable as sheets of paper were something we’re sure none of you would expect to be possible, but Plastic Logic’s Paper Tab is exactly that, and it’s debuting at this year’s CES.

The Paper Tab is a flexible, 10.7-inch, paper-thin E-Ink display that was brought to life with a little help from their partners, Intel and Queen’s University of Ontario, Canada. Paper Tab allows the user to interact with it in a number of ways, such as bending portions of the tablet in order to move through pages or tweak corners of the tab to rewind and fast forward through videos.

What makes the Paper Tab even more unique is how each of the tabs interact with one another depending on their location as well as what each tablet is running. Emailing someone is used as an example as the user is able to write an email on one Paper Tab, while using another one to attach an image within the email.

Current prototypes are only available with E-Ink displays, but it’s said color displays are in the works and we could be seeing this technology become commercial within three to five years.

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