NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 processor was announced on Sunday, and here comes the first tablet equipped with the latest quad-core chip on the market. The Vizio 10.1″ Tegra 4 tablet is being presented as a “concept”, but it is clear that the system was in full working order and basically ready for production. That confirms that Tegra 4 has been up and running for quite some time as customers had time to polish their devices.

The tablet body is very light, which is extremely important for a tablet. Weight is one of the few drawbacks of the iPad since it was introduced, and that also partially explains the success of the iPad mini. Vizio did not share a specific number, but it felt significantly lighter than an iPad.The second thing that pops right out is the high-resolution 4K display. It uses a 2560 x 1600 LCD display which looks very similar to the one found in the Google Nexus 10 which as 33% more pixels than the latest 9.6″ iPad. As you can expect, the image is very crisp, and 4K videos and still images do look stunning.

We could not run benchmarks on-site, but the overall user interface did look very fast and the couple Tegra 4 + Jelly Bean 4.2 seems like a very successful one. Decoding 4K movies wasn’t an issue at all, and we’re looking forward to seeing the photo and video recording capabilities of this tablet.

In terms of industrial design, VIZIO has kept things very simple and that’s a good thing. Sometime less is more, and tablets could definitely use some of that. What do you think?

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