Changzhou is home to the Tianning Temple. It’s also the home to numerous parks, such as the China Dinosaur Park, the CC Joyland amusement park, and the Hong Mei park. But the prefectural-level city is upping the ante by installing a World of Warcraft theme-park that is unlicensed by WoW developer Blizzard Entertainment. Reddit user Francesca was generous enough to post images of her visit to the park over the weekend, and you can check out all her surreal photos here.


Francesca, who never played World of Warcarft, says that the park costs 300 million RMB or $48 million to build and that the admission price was 200 RMB, around $30, which includes a return bus ticket. “It’s pretty huge. We didn’t have time to see everything but the rides we did go on were great. Including a flying roller coaster,” she writes. We’re not sure if Blizzard will be happy with this WoW-inspired theme-park. After all, the park is unlicensed. Other Reddit users commented that the park hardly looks like World of Warcraft, perhaps to avoid Blizzard’s eye. What do you think?

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