Polytron Technologies, a Taiwanese technology manufacturer, has unveiled designs and a prototype of their transparent smartphone. The entire touchscreen is transparent and is made out of what Polytron calls “Polyvision Privacy Glass”.  The technology behind “Polyvision Privacy Glass” is “Switchable Glass”. Basically liquid crystal molecules react when an electric current is passed through them to form a special sequence and they allow light to pass, making it transparent, when the charge is removed, the molecules reflect light.

Polytron has also used cutting edge technology to embed microscopic wires in the glass and have almost succeeded in creating the prototype transparent smartphone. The phone flaunts a dual sided multi-touch display. However the noticeable elements in the prototype are the batteries, Microphone, SD Card, Camera etc. The design does not show what size SIM chip will be incorporated. Also the prototype does not have an OS installed nor does it have any software.

Polytron Technologies is pushing to provide a final product before the end of 2013 and this could be the next big thing in smartphone technology.  Would you like to own a completely transparent smartphone ?

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