Just how tough is Gorilla Glass and its sequel? Sure as heck ain’t strong enough to withstand a drop from a reasonable height, for sure! Well, this particular video that you see above will hopefully be able to answer some questions that you have concerning durability and quality of most modern day handsets. Remember the Vertu Ti that we talked about not too long ago? Well, the Vertu Ti certainly did not wow when it came to the hardware specifications, but one thing did stand out – a display made of synthetic sapphire.

It is said that single crystals of aluminum oxide such as this will feature a Mohs scale hardness of 9, which means you will need something as hard as sapphires or diamonds to scratch them. The video above shows that a rock is useless in scratching the sapphire screen, while the Corning Gorilla Glass 2 failed miserably when faced with the same rock. Thing is, good things do not come cheap, and cheap things, most of the time, are not good. At least the sapphire display can help justify a bit of the $10,000 that you would have to fork out for the Vertu Ti.

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