These days, freemium games – titles that are free to download and install, but your progress in the game becomes stifled or stalled altogether when you run out of in-game credits, and can purchase them using real world currency via your credit card or Paypal account. Well, another of such a case has happened again, where eight-year-old Theo Rowland-Fry from Bristol, England, played The Simpsons: Tapped Out on the family’s iPad, and racked a bill of £980 (which amounts to $1,460 thereabouts after conversion), where all that money was used on purchasing virtual donuts in the game.

Theo’s father said, “There were more than 100 purchases on iTunes for between £1.50 and £75.00”, and claimed that the family did not receive any kind of emails at all to alert them of the situation. It is nice to know that Apple sympathized with the situation, and has agreed to refund the amount in full, and it is nice to see the game itself come with parental controls from now on.

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