535666_10151569924326276_1525057040_nWhen it comes to video games, it is understood that most of the things happening within the game is purely fiction and mostly exaggerated. After all one can hardly call themselves a race car driver just because they play a lot of racing car games, right? However it seems that mixed martial artist, Uriah Hall of The Ultimate Fighter fame claims to have learned some of this moves from popular fighting game, Tekken.


According to Hall during a video interview with Vice, “I was embarrassed to say, ‘Oh yeah, I played Tekken all day and copied the moves […] That’s how I learned. I would play that video game so much. I would go into practice mode and have the computer spar me back and forth, almost like regular training. I would just keep playing until I see something that I do or I like and I pick up on it. Visually, it was almost like my body just adjusted to it, so when I started to spar, moves that I would see would just kinda come back.”

Of course we expect that Hall’s trainers probably helped cut the excess moves and fancier stuff out during the course of his training, and in all fairness a lot of the basic moves in fighting games are modeled from real life martial arts to begin with, so we guess it wouldn’t be completely out of the question. What do you guys think? Anyone inspired to pick up a controller and start practicing?

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