gamepopWhen it comes to video game consoles, you know that the big three out there – the Nintendo Wii U, the upcoming Xbox One, as well as the PlayStation 4 from Sony would continue to rule the roost. The thing is, there are also other smaller players in the market like Ouya, and here we are with an upcoming GamePop video game console which comes in a small form factor, and is specially designed so that users will be able to enjoy Android video games in the comfort of your living room on a TV. The thing is, the GamePop will rely on a different model when it comes to game delivery, preferring instead to stick to a buffet-style subscription model.

This means you need not fork out money for the games that you like, but rather, you would have to commit to a $6.99 monthly access fee in order to enjoy a catalog of approximately 500 games as at press time. In fact, if you decide to place a pre-order for the GamePop video game console before June 30th, you will be on the receiving end of a box from GamePop manufacturer Bluestacks for free. For those who prefer to place your orders after June, the GamePop box will burn a $129 hole in your pocket.

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