Mods for games are fun, sometimes they actually help enhance the quality of the game in terms of its graphics, like the mods for Skyrim, while some are just downright novel and are there just for fun. Well if you’re after the latter, perhaps this Iron Man mod for Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 4 might be just what the doctor ordered. In a recent video, YouTube user taltigolt showed off an Iron Man mod for GTA 4 in which you, the gamer, gets to play as none other than Iron Man himself.  The mod also lets you fly around the game much like how Iron Man would, and your weapons are fired from your hands, similar to the movies/comics. It’s pretty awesome and according to taltigolt, the creators of the mod have spared no expense on the detail because apparently sparks can even start coming out of the armor when you are injured, which we have to say is a pretty nice touch. In any case you can check out the mod in action in the video above, or you can head on over to GTA4-Mods for the download.


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