Acer has reportedly confirmed that they’ll be releasing the Liquid ZX smartphone soon. This smartphone has a 3.5 inch display, which might seem odd to some considering how almost every other manufacturer has now adopted displays bigger than 4 inches. Apple held on to a 3.5 inch display till the iPhone 4S, but made the switch to a 4 inch one for iPhone 5. Acer says that its developing this smartphone for those who don’t wish to carry around devices with huge displays in their pockets.

Despite the fact that many manufacturers won’t come back to 3.5 inch display size now, and that they’ve made millions of customers fall in love with huge displays, Acer says its going to persist on 3.5 inch and make a device that’s suitable for people who don’t want devices with big screens. No specifications of Acer Liquid ZX have been revealed right now, it has only been said that this device is going to be launched “pretty soon.” As a user, would you prefer a device that has a relatively smaller display as opposed to almost every other smartphone on the market?

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