leisuresuitlarryremake_01148_screenIf you remember playing Leisure Suit Larry back in the day, and remembering enjoying the game immensely, you will be pleased to learn that Leisure Suit Larry Reload will launch on the 27th of June at 12AM PT. This is basically the Kickstarted version of the 1980s original and is headed up by the game’s original designer, Al Lowe, with music scored by Austin Wintory of Journey fame, and co-designed by Josh Mandel, formerly of Sierra Online. Naturally this remake will feature more up-to-date graphics and its Kickstarter project, for those who forgot, launched last year successfully, raising over $600,000 and more than $100,000 above its original target. The game faced a couple of delays, with the previous one pushing its launch from May to June due to the game requiring some bug fixes and additional polishing. The game will be made available on multiple platforms, such as PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS, with the mobile versions of the game expected to arrive a day after the PC and Mac launch. You can get your hands on the game (digital version) via Replay Games Inc’s website for $19.99.

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