Let’s face it, when you’re drunk, your motor skills aren’t exactly at its peak and playing games is probably going to end with hilarious results, but we suppose having fun is probably the point, rather than actually winning, so the next time you want to play some games when you’re drunk, Grasshopper NYC has a new gaming device called the Grasshopper Round Table which is essentially an interactive surface that will come with a game called “Don’t F**k Up”. Designed by Josh Raab of Studio Mercato, the basic idea is to bounce a ball around the table where multiple gamers can play together, and the longer you press the surface, the larger the bounce will get, so it’s really a matter of timing and strategy, both of which might go out the window when inebriated! The Grasshopper Round Table is expected to make its debut in an upcoming gaming bar so it’ll be worth checking out upon its release! In the meantime if you want get an idea of what the game is like, check it out in the video above.

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