oshareHaving enough food, clothing and shelter are the basic needs of mankind, although some of the more enterprising youngsters out there might consider a decent Internet connection to be another necessity in this day and age. Well, having said that, fashion is an ever evolving area that mankind can always look forward to each season, and here is O’Share, a new social ecommerce platform which allows you to upload photos of a specific item of clothing, before you are presented with a results page which would include the matches for a particular uploaded outfit.

O’Share happens to be a fashion platform that was concocted in a partnership between ecommerce company Rakuten, visual search engine ViSenze and Asian fashion social network Clozette. Using a reverse image-search feature, it is certainly an interesting feature to make use of in this day and age, and you can even create your very own list of clothing and accessories, in addition to liking, sharing and commenting on those particular items. Right now, the O’Share service is on a trial run in Taiwan, and it remains to be seen whether it will be expanded in other countries. [O’Share Site]

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