Motorola-Apple-InjunctionWhile the ITC is supposed to be an impartial body and makes its decision based on facts, it seems that lately it almost looks like the ITC has been favoring Apple rather heavily, what with the planned ban on older iOS products being vetoed by the Obama Administration (causing Samsung to lose $1bn in market value in the process). Now it looks like Apple has won their appeal for reinstating the ITC case against Motorola, which according to our report last year, cleared Motorola from any alleged patent infringements against Apple.

To make matters worse, the appeals court has even “reprimanded” the ITC and reversed the decision on two of its rulings with regards to the multipoint touchscreen patent, and the ellipse fitting for multi-touch surfaces patent, although in the process it has also dropped one of the patents that Apple alleges Motorola has infringed upon, although two out of three doesn’t seem too bad. The case is expected to proceed, although there’s no word on when we might be seeing the end of this.

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