goophone-x1plusYes, so we have seen the GooPhone X1 in the wild before, but this is something better – a progression in the right direction, if you will – where you can now visually feast on the GooPhone X1+, being the first tri-SIM handset in the world that has a MediaTek chip underneath the hood. While we do know that dual-SIM phones have been a growing market, coming in handy more often than not in regions where international travel and prepaid service are common, but since we generally live in an era where “more is better”, how about a tri-SIM phone? This is where the GooPhone X1+ comes in handy, where it will be based on a new MediaTek Triple-SIM chip.

Apparently, the GooPhone X1+ that you see above is not alone in its quest to offer tri-SIM MediaTek chips within, as there is also a variant of the Optimus L4 II by LG that sports a similar capability of juggling a trio of phone lines without having to cause your battery life to take a big hit. Bear in mind that neither handsets are in the high-end segment, and so it should be pretty affordable to the masses by the time it hits the market.

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