gigabyte-brix2Earlier this year, Gigabyte did announce the unveiling of the Gigabyte Brix, which happens to be a small desktop PC that looks so cute. The entire system was so tiny, it was roughly the size of a wedge of cheese, and it was originally designed to be an affordable and basic home theater PC. Well, we are glad to say that a sequel has arrived, and it will bring a whole lot more than what the original offered. The Gigabyte Brix 2 might still retain its previous form factor, albeit being a wee bit larger, but that additional space has been put to good use with the introduction of Intel’s latest Haswell processor as well as the Iris Pro GPU.

Intel claims that the new Iris Pro GPU has a performance level of up to thrice of what their existing HD Graphics 4000 cards are able to muster, and while these are just figures from Intel, it remains to be seen whether the same can be said for real life performance. Realistically speaking, it would be faster, but I doubt it would be anywhere near triple the performance. I would happily be wrong, however, as Intel claimed that the Gigabyte Brix 2 can even run Crysis 3, now how about that? Depending on the hardware configuration, the Gigabyte Brix 2 will retail from $199 to $699 a pop.

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