underwater-wifiWi-Fi networks are definitely a hallmark of modern day cities and metropolises. After all, most of the time when we go to a cafe or coffee shop, we might look around not for the menu, but perhaps, for the Wi-Fi password of the local network there. Apart from public places, we have also seen in-flight Wi-Fi catching on, although it does add up after a while. Wi-Fi on trains and buses are also getting more and more common, so I guess the final frontier at this point in time would be to be able to enjoy Wi-Fi while you are underwater. Granted, most of us would not end up in such a situation since the percentage of folks in the Navy is quite low in comparison to other occupations among the general populace, but to be able to enjoy an “underwater Wi-Fi” network is still a cool idea, don’t you think so?

A team from the University of Buffalo, New York, claimed that this particular technology could eventually help to detect tsunamis, which would offer a whole lot more reliability when it comes to early warning systems. That would go some way to save human lives in the long run, too. The aim of this project is to come up with an agreed standard for underwater communications, allowing it easier to perform interaction and data-sharing. Underwater Wi-Fi will be different from the normal sense of the word, as it relies on sound waves instead of radio waves. When will we see the first underwater tweet or Facebook update?

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