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Sony’s PlayStation 4 is just one week away from being released to the public, which means you are probably going to have an extremely long week ahead of you if you are expecting to pick up your console the day it releases. No matter where you pre-ordered your PlayStation 4, you can be sure shipments of the console are starting to roll in to prepare for the onslaught of gamers that will be picking theirs up starting on Friday. One such retailer that has received their shipments of PlayStation 4 consoles is Amazon, who decided to tease all gamers by showing their warehouse filled with Sony’s next-generation console.

Amazon Video Games tweeted the photo you see above with the message “Greatness has arrived. Will it be coming to you?” last night, teasing those who possibly pre-ordered the PlayStation 4. Judging by the photo, there seems to be a total of 54 PlayStation 4s per pallet. How many pallets are seen in Amazon’s photo? As far as the eye can see, and in two rows nonetheless.

Regardless if you pre-ordered your PlayStation 4 from Amazon or not, you should probably be hanging around wherever it is you pre-ordered your console at as you could probably catch shipments being delivered. Just remember robbing a retailer will probably get you in some kind of trouble, so it’s best to be patient.

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