PS4 launch hasn’t gone off smoothly for a few launch customers. We have already heard about bricked consoles and Sony has assured customers that it is looking into these hardware issues. Another issue that seems to be troubling a few customers is the PS4 “Blue Light of Death.” Basically what’s happening is that the light that runs along the side of the PS4 keeps pulsing blue which means that the console isn’t sending a single to the TV its connected to. Normally when the console isn’t facing such an issue, the light should pulse blue first but then switch to white as the PS4 sends a signal to the TV. No signal to the TV means that gamers are left with a blank screen and an obviously nonfunctional console.

Sony has posted some troubleshooting instructions for the PS4 Blue Light of Death issues on the official support forums, which includes pressing and holding down the power button for seven seconds, unplugging the PS4 and powering it on again. Apparently these instructions haven’t fixed the issue for most gamers, so reports Kotaku. It appears that a growing majority of customers are now facing the issue, as the PS4’s rating on Amazon is now flooded with one star reviews with complaints about the Blue Light of Death.

It is not known right now exactly what’s causing this issue, and what Sony’s plan of action is going to be. The company has apparently agreed to replace John Beauchamp’s faulty console, he revealed via Twitter, Sony is sending him a box to ship his PS4 back in return for a brand new unit. Have you faced the PS4 Blue Light of Death issue?

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