Sony initially launched the PlayStation 4 in North America, whereas Microsoft launched the Xbox One in 13 markets to begin with. The Japanese company finally caught up with Redmond a couple of days ago when it released PS4 in Europe. Early sales in the UK have the PlayStation 4 leading Xbox One, though retailers are of the view that the latter might do well in the run up to Christmas. At this point in time, there appears to be a much higher level of online buzz for Sony’s console as opposed to Microsoft’s new gaming machine.


UK’s biggest retailer, GAME, said that demand for pre-orders of the PS4 has been four times higher than for the PS3. Amazon UK, the country’s second biggest retailer, has already said that based on current pre-order levels, Sony’s new console is going to be its fastest selling console ever, overtaking the Xbox One. PS4 has been launched in the UK almost a week after the Xbox One came out, and Microsoft is currently working hard to replenish stock as we head into the holiday season. Several retailers expect that Microsoft’s console will take the lead around Christmas, but currently PS4 seems to be generating all the buzz. Right now, the PS4 sits on top of the “Most Wished For” chart on Amazon UK.

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