htc-droid-dna-android-4.4.2Its no secret that Android users often have to wait for a long time before OEMs released latest firmware updates. There are several steps involved in preparing an update for public release, which often holds it up for a long time. While HTC has talked about the KitKat roadmap for few of its devices, most presumably won’t receive the update till March or April. This is where the developer community has come in. Folks over at XDA forums have ported a stock Android 4.4.2 ROM from HTC One and ported it to the Butterfly, a.k.a Droid DNA.

Since HTC Droid DNA Android 4.4.2 ROM with Sense 5.5 UI is a port, software features found on the HTC One will also be available in this ROM. Moreover, the ROM isn’t pre-rooted, though users won’t have a hard time rooting it once they’ve flashed it on their Droid DNA. There’s support for both CDMA and GSM standards, with odexed and deodexed builds being provided along with a patch to enable CDMA. Those feeling adventurous enough to flash this port on their device can get their hands on the ROM from here. Since this is an unofficial port after all, the possibility exists that everything might not be in absolutely perfect working order.

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