socam-ultimate-1It’s almost like a habit these days to upload photos we take on our phones to social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. In fact we have to wonder what on earth did we use to do back in the day when smartphones weren’t so widely available and we just ate our food instead of taking photos of it? Well whatever the case is, that is society today and looking to capitalize on our need to always share our photos is Conrad Electronics who has recently announced the SOCAM UltiMate action camera.

Conrad has named the camera such because SOCAM basically stands for “social-camera”, and it will come with built-in WiFi functionality that will allow users to transfer photos wirelessly from the camera to their mobile devices seamlessly, as well as allow their mobile devices to be used as a remote. The accompanying app will let photographers share their photos and videos onto social networking websites as well. Other features of the camera includes a 330-degree rotatable lens, enhanced imaging flexibility, and Full HD video capture.

Videos captured can also be recorded in slow-motion at 120fps. There will also be time lapse features, photo burst, video loop, and the ability to capture photos whilst recording a video. Pricing was not mentioned but the SOCAM UltiMate is expected to be made available in the beginning of April 2014.

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