2014-01-28-ubergizmo-mobile-finalFor a while, we have use a plain-vanilla Mobile template for our mobile users. This was not something that we were happy with, but there was seemingly always something more urgent to do. In a 24/7 news world, it just ever ends. Given how Mobile is important to everyone of us, an improvement could no longer wait.


We have put some time aside and built a new 100% custom mobile website designed to dramatically improve your experience when browsing Ubergizmo. Nobody likes slow sites, and neither do we. We made Ubergizmo better, stronger, faster! Try it from your mobile browser, navigate around and we hope that you will bookmark it.

Wireless networks are notoriously difficult to optimize for, but we have worked hard to make our site as fast as we could to increase the site loading performance! It’s not perfect yet, but we plan to roll out weekly updates to fix any quirks as we go. At the moment, this is very much targeted at smartphones, but it works well on Tablets too.

More work needs to be done, and you can be assured that, in time, the desktop site will see its share of improvements as well. Performance is at the top of our list, but usability, readability, navigation and discoverability are just as important to all of us.

If you like using Apps to follow news from many publications, including Ubergizmo, we can recommend great ones too: News Republic, Google Currents, News 360 and Pulse, just to cite a few. All feature a great integration of Ubergizmo. If you develop a news app and are featuring Ubergizmo out of the box, contact us!

Happy browsing and thank you for your support!

Known mobile issues

  • From time to time a desktop page will appear instead of a mobile page. This is a browser detection issue that unfortunately gets cached, and this problem that happens from time to time. We are actively trying to suppress it.
  • HTML tables can be compressed or cut because they were designed for desktops. We are looking at fixes for those
  • Photo galleries have not been optimized for mobiles yet, but we want to make those great down the road

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