linux-is-everywhereWhile operating systems like Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s OS X are considered to be more mainstream, there are additional operating systems out there that not everyone might be familiar with, such as Unix and Linux.

Now according to the 2014 Linux Jobs Report, it has been revealed that 90% of hiring managers are apparently interested in hiring a Linux professional in the next half-year or so, so for those looking for a better chance of being hired, doesn’t a course on Linux sound great to you?

Sure, but won’t I have to pay for that, you ask? Well thanks to the Linux Foundation working with edX, Harvard and MIT’s online learning platform, you won’t have to. The Linux Foundation has announced that they will be offering its $2,400 Introduction To Linux course for free this summer will be available to anyone interested in learning more about the platform.

It will cater to all sorts of users, even those who have no prior experience with the operating system. According to the Linux Foundation’s president, Amanda McPherson, “EdX is a natural partner because it, too, is non-profit and based on open source software.”

It sounds like a pretty good idea for those looking to expand their technical skills and knowledge. However it is an introductory course so there’s only so much one can pick up from it, although the good news is that additional courses could be added on later depending on how receptive this initiative is.

For those interested in checking it out or learning more about the course, hit up the edX website for the details. So what do you guys think? Anyone planning on learning about Linux during the summer?

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