ps4delay-lackofgamesAccording to a tweet last week from inFAMOUS: Second Son’s developer, Sucker Punch, it seemed as though they were suggesting that pre-loading could be a feature that would be making its way onto the PlayStation 4 in the near future. However since Sony did not confirm anything, we had to take it as speculation.


However a Sony rep has since confirmed with the folks at Polygon that pre-loading is a feature that could be making its way onto the PS4 soon, although they declined to mention as to whether the feature would be part of the April update or if it would be released later. Instead the rep chose to say that the feature was under consideration, meaning that there’s no guarantee that it will arrive.

“We know that it is the feature you’ve been asking for and we are considering it accordingly. We do not have specific details to announce at this point in time, but stay tuned for upcoming announcements about system updates and added features,” says the Sony rep.

For those wondering what is pre-loading, basically on the PC gamers have the option of downloading the game’s install files and whatever patches are necessary, install them on their PC, and once the game has been released, they will be able to play the game straight away without any downtime. We’ve seen developers do this for games like Titanfall and Diablo 3’s Reaper of Souls expansion.

This is versus console games where console gamers who bought the game digitally would have to wait to download the game as well as wait to download any patch that might be required. If the files are huge, this basically means that one night could be spent downloading and patching the game alone, meaning that gaming will have to be done the next day.

The tweet by Sucker Punch suggested that pre-loading could be arriving for the PS4 and naturally many gamers were excited by it, although Sony’s rep does pour some cold water onto the idea by stating that it is only under consideration. Hopefully they’ll change their minds, so fingers crossed!

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