Watch-Dogs-Aiden-PearceIt is always nice to see fanboys on both sides of the divide presenting their arguments to tell the world as to why their point of view is correct, and here we are two contenders in the video game console department – the Xbox One and Sony PS4. Watch Dogs has come under the microscope this time around when it comes to the resolution as well as framerate, and it does seem as though the PS4 version of Watch Dogs has the upper hand over the Xbox One version. Basically, the Sony PS4 version of Watch Dogs will feature 1080p resolution at 30fps, while the Xbox One version will dish out 960p at 30fps. As for the PC version, I guess it is hands down the winner, as depending on your system configuration, your eyeballs will be able to enjoy up to 4K resolution, with a variable framerate.

Apart from that, NeoGAF insider Shinobi602 also tweeted last month, “1. Upcoming hacker game, 900/30FPS XBO, 1080p/30FPS PS4”, but do bear in mind that this is just a claim without any particularly strong basis, so we ought to take it with a pinch of salt as well. I suppose with all the action that is going on in the game, it would not matter all that much as to the final resolution, although purists would definitely beg to differ.

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