netflix-uiIf you’re a Netflix subscriber and you think that the current subscription fee that the company is asking for is a little on the steep side, or that you think it could be cheaper, you might be disappointed to learn that Netflix could be considering a price hike.

This is according to the company who recently revealed their plans are part of its quarterly financial results. The price hike won’t be too dramatic and will see it jump by one or two dollars, but then again the difference could be seen by some as too expensive.

After all some Netflix subscribers subscribe for the exclusive original content, such as House of Cards, and might think that the price hike is too expensive just to watch a few shows. Now there is some good news because if you’re already a Netflix subscriber, your prices will remain the same as it is now, for a limited period of time.

The company stated that current subscribers will not experience the price hike for a “generous time period”, although they did not state exactly how long this time period will be. According to Netflix, this price hike “will enable us to acquire more content and deliver an even better streaming service.” So what do you guys think? Are you planning on sticking around once the prices go up?

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