second-son-updateIt has been 10 days since Second Son was launched, and the game has definitely captured the imagination of the masses since its release. The folks behind the game are definitely thrilled by the enthusiasm on display by those who have already given the game a go, but inFAMOUS has also lent their ears to complaints as well as brickbats. It does not matter whether the size of the complaint is large or small, they intend to work on an upcoming update that will see the introduction of small changes in the weeks ahead.


For starters, the moment you beat the game, there will be a new entry that appears on the options menu which allows you to choose the time of the day. This is apparently one of the more popular requests out there, so it is nice to see such an option being made available. Apart from that, there is also a new HUD On/Off option, targeting those who love to capture screenshots so that whatever you capture would look a whole lot less distracting.

While inFAMOUS claims that they prefer the unlocked frame rate, some players do have issues with it, which is why there will also be a way to make sure that the frame rate remains capped at 30FSPS. [Press Release]

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